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Separation or Divorce


The separation or divorce of parents can be difficult for young children to cope with. Research has indicated that such events can contribute to problems in children and adolescents, including academic difficulties, behavioral issues, mental health symptoms such as depression and more.


Separation and divorce introduce a massive change to children regardless of their age. However, reactions may differ between children and adolescents. Young children may become uncooperative, aggressive or withdrawn. Older children and adolescents may feel a deep sadness or loss, and children of divorce may struggle with relationship and self-esteem problems into adulthood.


Mental health services are offered at all three of our sites. These services include comprehensive evaluation, an individually tailored treatment plan that may include any combination of individual, family and group therapy, and, when indicated, medication management from a psychiatrist. All treatment plans require family consent and participation. For more information about our services, please call us at 516-626-1971.



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